The experience of being treated by Leisa is perfection from the moment you step into the room, till the moment you leave and beyond. She’s professional, non judgemental and completely understanding of my needs. When I’m on the treatment table, every care in the world disappears. With her spot on oil blends, therapeutic touch, and obvious passion for her work, I feel nothing but total bliss. Follow up treatments have become a regular part of my wellness journey.
— Melissa, Trent Hills ON
I had the pleasure of Leisa doing Reiki on my 9 year old cat, CC. CC is normally a cat that has difficulties settling down, is blind, has achy joints and skin issues along his lower back. He also normally hates having his belly touched. Leisa was able to get CC relaxed to the point that he fell asleep with his head in her hand and she was able to rub his belly. Since his session, CC has been much calmer, sleeps better and doesn’t seem to have quite the discomfort in his joints as before. He is also listening much better!

As well, Leisa did her magic on my 8 ½ year old guinea pig, Timmy. Being a senior, Timmy suffers from arthritis in his back legs, is blind and has jaw issues. Since his Reiki treatment, Timmy is back to walking without stiffness or limping. Oddly enough he is also back to gaining weight and has a bit more energy to run around and play with his cage mate. Thanks so much, Leisa!
— Marilyn M. Toronto ON
Not only is Leisa a vibrant and friendly woman, she is a compassionate and knowledgeable holistic health professional. As a person who prefers non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical interventions for health issues, I found Leisa to be an invaluable resource for offering treatments involving aromatherapy and essential oils, as well as subtle energy healing. You can tell Leisa is passionate about her work, as she embodies the practices she offers clients - I had no idea there was an essential oil or holistic practice for almost any physical condition, and Leisa offers up her know-how like it’s second nature! I highly recommend Leisa for any of her services.
— A. Evans, Toronto ON
I had my first Reiki treatment with Leisa with just twenty minutes on my sore back, and afterwards I went and had the best nap of my life!
— Linda H. Norwood, ON
You definitely picked the right oils for my treatment, I am loving them! This is your calling! You were meant to do this work! This has definitely been the best hour of my whole month!
— Adrianne T., Campbellford, ON
I suffered from migraine headaches since my early twenties. By my early 30’s even during pregnancy, my migraines became a monthly ritual which normally lasted 1-3 days (cluster migraines). My only relief was heavy medication which was very expensive and left me foggy and tired for several days. I accepted the fact that I had to suffer through this condition as all my attempts to manage the onset of the migraines by avoiding triggers was the best I could do. Then miraculously I heard about Reiki treatments for migraines from a friend who suffered from equally debilitating monthly episodes similar to mine. My friend experienced complete relief from her migraines by undergoing a series of Reiki treatments.

I contacted Leisa and started a series of 6 biweekly treatments followed up by occasional monthly maintenance treatments Amazingly, my migraines have for the most part disappeared. Now, during my monthly cycle I rarely experience migraine symptoms and if I do, they are significantly reduced and manageable with minimal medication!

The therapy sessions are very relaxing and enjoyable. Before Reiki, I would use an average 6-10 prescription migraine pills per month at a whopping cost of $120-$200. Now, I rarely need to use prescription medication and these expenses have been reduced to on average 2 pills per month. The financial savings far outweigh the cost of the Reiki. Most importantly, I have my life back and do not have to suffer, miss work and social activities due to my migraine condition. My son used to say I was always sick and was conditioned to know that I was bed ridden for a few days each month with my migraines.

I would strongly recommend Reiki therapy treatments for migraines. My experience has been very positive and changed my life significantly. I only wish that I had discovered Reiki therapy years ago.
— Karen R. Port Credit, ON