We need to become more present in our lives in order to listen to our body's wisdom... to embrace self care so that we may be strong, whole and happy for ourselves and those around us.


Physical pain, lack of sleep, stress and exhaustion are all too common in our lives these days. We're tired of being tired, and looking for ways to address our health issues in a more natural and gentle way. 

I truly believe that everyone can heal their pain, using the wisdom of the ancient healing arts, and start feeling better right away with just one visit a week or even once a month.

I can help you achieve a more healing, peaceful lifestyle through complementary holistic medicine. Holistic treatments help strengthen the body’s immune system and promote it's own natural healing abilities using Earth Wisdom. Treatments are extremely relaxing and therapeutic at the same time.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and energized after having an amazing nights sleep-- no more backaches, headaches and general feelings of physical and emotional discomfort.  Allow me to help you explore a greater sense of wellbeing!

Feelings of bliss, relaxation and serenity will become your new normal.

I will work with you to address specific health issues while also balancing the whole body on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.  I integrate the wisdom of the Ancient Healing arts with modern day philosophies in a nurturing environment.  I use my knowledge, experience and intuition to tailor each treatment to your specific needs-- from a customized choice of essential oils to recommendations for home care.  I also help you explore the body mind connection so that you may achieve complete and lasting results on your healing journey.

"We make a living by what we get,  But we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill

Giving Back

Leisa is proud to be a volunteer for The Bridge Hospice in Warkworth, ON. She is also happy to have donated her time and services to the following organizations:

  • Warkworth Lilac Festival, Warkworth, ON
  • Fairhaven Foundation, Peterborough, ON
  • Stephanie Reynolds Yoga, Peterborough, ON
  • The Peterborough Yoga Festival and United Way, Peterborough, ON
  • Soroptimist International of Peterborough, ON
  • Primrose Donkey Sanctuary, Baltimore, ON
  • Northumberland Humane Society, Port Hope, ON
  • Kent Public School, Campbellford, ON
  • Sheridan Family Fundraiser, Campbellford, ON
  • Community Kids Coats Fundraiser, Frankford, ON
  • Wellness in Keene ~ United Church Fundraiser, Keene, ON
  • CNIB, Toronto, ON