I know what it feels like to be completely exhausted, running on adrenalin all the time, feeling like you're spinning out of control and unable to get a grip on your life... just longing for a few moments of calm. I've been there and now I help women who are in this place, get back to a more peaceful state of mind.

The Previous Chapter

I grew up in chaos and have worked in plenty of chaotic atmospheres, living the ‘superwoman’ type lifestyle, where it was all work and go, go, go, with no peace or calm moments whatsoever. My chosen career paths have always been in a position of helping others feel good. I realized that I have a talent for calming people down and making them feel at ease and comfortable. ‘Soothing’ and ‘unflappable’ have been words used to describe me. 

I've rubbed shoulders with plenty of celebrities and VIP industry types-- planning parties, galas and live television events where it's very exciting, but the stress level is extremely high. After years of doing, this I began to crave peaceful moments, and realize how important it is for our physical health, as well as our mental health and overall all wellbeing. 

I realized I was straight on the path to burnout and knew that something had to change. I was terribly unhappy, mentally, and that was starting to manifest physically with unexplained stomach issues, headaches, etc. I also had a minor skin cancer episode which then started me on my own health quest. This is when I took the brave step and left my exciting and well sought after career in the Canadian Music Industry and never looked back.

I started to feel a calling that lead me on a different path, one with more meaning and purpose. This path became a journey of learning the Ancient Healing Arts, using Earth Wisdom for overall wellbeing. 

LEISA PEACOCK   Certified Natural Health Practitioner (C.N.H.P.) Certified Aromatherapy Health Therapist (C.A.H.T.) Reiki Master Practitioner.


Certified Natural Health Practitioner (C.N.H.P.) Certified Aromatherapy Health Therapist (C.A.H.T.) Reiki Master Practitioner.

Healing Chapter

It is an amazing experience to be able to slow down enough to listen to your own intuition for your next move and to also trust your body’s wisdom. Each time our bodies present a symptom it is a message to stop what you are doing and make changes. I began researching and educating myself on all things holistic health, and exploring what other options could I do besides my surgery to help my body heal and get it back to a balanced state. I learned about crystals, yoga and meditation, and nutrition with homeopathy and flower essences. Eventually, I was drawn to essential oils and the amazing art of Aromatherapy-- I realized that I needed to study this earth wisdom in more depth.  I returned to school to study aromatherapy, body work and energy work. I earned a diploma as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and am now certified as a Natural Health Practitioner and Aromatherapy Health Therapist, along with being a Reiki Master Practitioner and an Animal Reiki Practitioner.  Whew what a life change!!!

I have also simplified my life, by leaving Toronto and moving back to the small village I grew up in, just a few hours outside of the city. I'm now enjoying the slower pace that exists around here, along with all the nature and wildlife I missed so much while being away. The best part is being able to guide my clients' in their own healing journeys-- providing them that same peace and calm that I craved all those years.